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Modern Til Midnight with Sober | Mom | Kid Koala (Ft. Worth Modern)
You know, the DMA has cool night stuff like this too, but they've pretty much never had a line up as quality as the one over at the FWM tonight. First, you know what Sober does, and second, you've heard us praise Mom for the past year, but add in the fact that they somehow snagged Kid Koala for this gig, and you might start wondering how much gas its going to take to get to Ft. Worth. Or how to get to Ft. Worth. I think you just head west on 30 for a while. Anyway, Mom will be performing a brand new, two piece 28 minute composition that they will be releasing later on this year.... they're great live too, so look forward to getting an advance listen to this new material. Sober starts at 730, Mom's at 930 and Kid Koala is at 1030. Ft. Worth might actually rule tonight.

Tussle | Undoing of David Wright | Night Game Cult (8th Continent)
You've probably heard enough from us about this show already, and anyone in the know probably didn't need any encouragement to go to it anyway. I could see the 8th getting stuffed tonight, though, so you might want to plan accordingly. In our interview, I told Tussle a bit about the 8th, and they claimed that small DIY places are where they shine. I can believe it.

Dub Assembly with Dhruva& MC Juakali | Mundo & Lifted MC | Keith P & Select | Royal Highnuss/Dragon Man (The Green Elephant)
We've been digging on a lot of dubstep around here lately (Kode 9 never seems to fade off our playlist for too long), and after hearing Keith P's excellent new mix CD, we knew that this month's Dub Assembly would be the shit. Not only are two of our favorite local DJs in the mix at this thing, but Dhruva and MC Juakali, two of the main forces behind the dubstep movement in the US, will be headlining an excellent line up. Dallas is quite lucky to have such a tasteful DJ crew bringing this kind of music to the area... a lot of other supposedly "cooler" cities don't have this, and they probably wouldn't have as much fun with it if they did. And oh yeah, I'm guessing that the solid tunes coupled with the Green Elephant's proximity to SMU is going to make this thing drunk hot chick central... and you can always appeal to those SMU girls by being the "weird" guy, can't you? Just tell them that you don't support the war... it'll freak them out. In a good way. You'll probably get a great diverse crowd similar to what the Party has been pulling in, and those are always the best kind in my opinion. This is guaranteed fun in Dallas tonight.

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah | Elvis Perkins in Dearland (Granada)
I've seen a couple stories in local and national media this week talking about "oh my god, CYHSY is a total Myspace buzz band," and its really made me laugh a little bit. Yes, they DID generate a lot of organic word of mouth buzz and sold a lot of records on their own, but that was almost two years ago. The story with CYHSY these days is that they released a weak follow up record, making people wonder how good they ever were in the first place. I still like that first one quite a bit, and the excitement surrounding their sold out Gypsy Tea Room show a while back can't be denied. I'm just not super excited about this one.


Tittsworth (Zubar)
Tittsworth's sound is probably an even mix of everything that is good about dance music right now. He's associated with the Bmore club sound, but most of the mixes I've heard from him have gone well beyond what that label might indicate. Tons of house, late 80's pop r&B nad hip hop influences all coming together to form a bass heavy but sugary sound that is pure dance floor appeal. Tittsworth is one of the most buzzed about DJs in the country right now, and with Central Booking involved, you won't find a better time anywhere in Dallas tonight.

Nouns Group | Daniel Francis Doyle | Zanzibar Snails | Koji Kondo (Fra House)
Fucking loud. Thats probably the best way to describe this show. Every one of these bands is a highlight in their own right, so you can look at this as sort of an all star line up at a great BYOB house venue for FREE. Sounds like the choice in Denton is an easy one tonight. And here is a selection of Daniel Francis Doyle videos if you'd like to find out why you should be sure to catch the guy's set.

Sunset Rubdown | Katie Eastburn | Evangelicals (Hailey's)
Sunset Rubdown, the side project of Wolf Parade's Spencer Krug, is actually a lot more interesting than the band that pays his bills, and despite what some of the hip dudes around here might tell you, Evangelicals' joyous psychedelic pop is more than just adequate.

The Marked Men | The Hands | Maaster Gaiden | The Lash Outs (Rubber Gloves)

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So I was really looking forward to my interview with San Francisco's Tussle, a band I've been into quite a bit ever since they released their debut, Kling Klang, a couple years ago. Filled with tight disco beats, strange electro sounds and tons of reverb heavy dub atmosphere, its certainly a spaced out and unusual record, but one that is highly danceable and easy to digest. I wanted to talk to the guys about Telescope Mind, their excellent second album, and I was fortunate enough to get sampler/synth player Nathan Burazer on the phone. Unfortunately, two things made this interview kind of blow, and they had nothing to do with the conversation.

So how is the tour going so far?

Its been great. We've really enjoyed touring with the Hot Chip guys, they're super nice. The shows have had great sound and tons of people, so its been great.

Those guys seem like they're probably pretty fun to hang out with, huh?

Oh yeah, they're really awesome.

So you released Telescope Mind at the end of last year. Could you tell me a bit about how you recorded it?

Sure, the producer of the album was Quinn Luke, and we recorded it in San Francisco at his very small studio. We had to record bass and drums first because we couldn't fit our whole band in to the studio, and then he had to mix it together, do a rough mix, and then Josh and I would come in and do electronics and percussion and other stuff.

Is that process similar to the way you guys actually write your songs?

Not really, usually its more us all in a practice space jamming together, and we record the session on a mini disc and then listen back to the parts we like and sort of find the pieces we want to start building from.

( So I'm doing this interview in my car in a parking lot because I was running errands when Nathan called me back. Luckily I had my tape recorder with me. Anyway, at this point in the interview, some redneck meth head who was clearly fucked out of his mind came up to my car and knocked on the window, telling me he had some baby in the McDonald's bathroom across the street and that he needed me to drive him two miles to some drug store because he needed to get medication for his kid because his wife had an emergency and something blah blah blah. I didn't believe his story because he was so obviously out of his head, and I told him I couldn't do it. He then calmly said, "Well can you at least give me a cigarette?" I did, and he left fairly happy. Nathan heard how strange this guy sounded, and I think it might have freaked him out a little.)

Ok, sorry about that. I don't know whats going on.

Is there some emergency or something? Because you can call me back later or something if you need to go or there is a problem.

No, I'm not sure whats going on... I guess, yeah, this guy was trying to get me to give him a ride, but he left and I don't see him anymore. Pretty strange. I can't even remember what we were talking about now.

(laughing) Neither can I... oh yeah, we were talking about writing songs.

That's right. So then do you guys have a lot of recorded material to sift through in order to find what you like from these sessions?

No, we usually don't record the entire session. We just start recording when we hear something we like.

So there have been a couple line-up changes throughout the history of the band right?

Yeah, after Kling Klang, the first album, Andy Cabic wanted to spend more time working on Vetiver and working with Devendra Banhart, so he left after that. And then we made Telescope Mind and Alexis left the band shortly after.


Well, its kind of a long story, but, I'll just say that it was less than amicable. It wasn't fun, but we had to do it.

Can you explain a little more?

No, I feel like I really don't need to say anything else about it.

So you guys had new people playing on this album, and the sound and production is in fact fairly different than what you did on Kling Klang, a little clearer with less reverb and less of a dub sound.

Yeah, that's true for sure. We went through a dub phase and were listening to a lot of it around the time we made Kling Klang, and after a while we kind of felt like we had done that and we wanted to move on to something else. It was an influence for a while for sure, but we don't really listen to quite as much dub as we used to.

So dub was something you all happened to be listening to at the same time during the first album?

Yeah, it wasn't a conscience decision and no one ever talked about it, it just sort of happened that way.

At first I was thinking it was kind of strange to mix this repetitive Kraut influenced disco beat stuff that you do with dub, but I guess it kind of makes sense in a way. I had just never hear something that combined them in quite the same way.

Yeah, but it does kind of make sense, doesn't it, mixing those two worlds and bringing them together?

Yeah, and I guess there are other bands that have done similar stuff with dub, like Portishead and The Slits come to mind for me.

Yeah, I would say that a band like The Clash is a pretty good example of someone with strong dub influence, and they mixed that in pretty well.

But your stuff sounds a lot more like actual dub to me than anything The Clash ever did. They had that influence for sure, but some of your songs remind me of actual old Jamaican dub like Lee Perry stuff.

Yeah, especially with that song "Decompression" on Kling Klang, its as close as we've ever gone to straight up dub, and now we're kind of interested in going in different directions.

So what have you guys been listening to lately that might have influenced your change in style on the new record?

Hmm. Maybe more Kraut, like Faust and Can and stuff like that.

Do you find yourselves all discovering certain sounds together as a band?

Kind of. You know Moondog?


You should check it out. We all listen to hip hop too, a lot of the same groups.

So those influences come together naturally for you. Do you ever approach recording sessions with a particular sound in mind?

Never. We don't usually have any specific idea of what we want to do, it sort of happens by accident.

I noticed you guys switched labels for this new record.

Right yeah, we're working with this label in Norway called Smalltown Supersound.

Yeah, they've got a pretty prestigious line up with Lindstrom and 120 Days and Whitest Boy Alive and stuff like that.

Yeah, and they've got the new Sunburned Hand of the Man, and its being produced by Four Tet.

Wow, I hadn't heard that. I bet that's going to be interesting. So what made you want to switch labels?

Well, basically, we did our thing with Trouble Man, and he was very supportive at first, but we got a better offer from Smalltown Supersound and we decided to go there. We had some communication problems and stuff like that, and we got a lot of interest from Smalltown and Alexis was friends with the guy that runs the label, so he arranged us to play a festival in Oslo, and he heard the record and got really excited about it and we went from there. And we're actually working on a new album right now that should be out later this year.

Cool. Are you guys planning on doing anything drastically different with this one?

Yeah, we're working with this great producer named Thom Monohan, he's produced records for Vetiver and Devendra and Joanna Newsom and Brightblack Morning Light.

And this is where incident number two occurs: my tape recorder stopped working. Unfortunately I didn't notice it for a while, so we continued to discuss the new album (he says there will be some surprises on it), their live shows (the main thing the band focuses on when they write songs) and making it as a starving artist in San Francisco (it is apparently much easier to do than one would imagine, as long as you can find a place in Mission with rent control or roommates). Wish I could type it out for you, but I don't want to misquote the guy.

Anyway, go see these guys at 8th Continent tonight.
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it list : thursday
Hot Chip | Tussle (Granada)
Anyone who has seen Hot Chip live knows that they put on a great show. When they first get up on stage, you think its going to be a couple boring dorks standing in front of keyboards and stuff, but then they just kind of bust out of their shell and go to town. I've enjoyed the more straight forward dance oriented directions they've headed in ever since they hooked up with DFA's James Murphy, and the band's recent DJ Kicks selection (featuring Tom Ze, New Order, This Heat, Black Devil Disco Club and the underrated Joe Jackson, among others) cements their good taste credentials. Crafting creepy but humorous electro that also actually happens to be totally danceable is not an easy task, and these guys deliver. Of course, Tussle will do just as well or perhaps even better for anyone that happens to enjoy the odd trifecta of Dub, Krautrock and disco. I'll take King Tubby to win, Can to place and Donna Summer to show, please. And even if I can't win that bet, I'm still happy to report that the Tussle guys told me they've been doing minimal Kraut-influenced electro/percussion improv jams with Hot Chip the past few nights on the tour, and they're planning on trying it again this evening. That sounds worth it to me.

Lost Generation (Fallout)
Not sure what Wanz and Ineka have planned for this evening, but should be a great after show spot for those that enjoy the Hot Chip or the Tussle. I hear great music every time I go to one of these.

80's with DJ G (Hailey's)

Zoo (The Cavern)
One of the few things that makes Greenville Ave tolerable, and probably the most unpredictable playlist in town.

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heads up
I'm glad someone in one of the comments sections reminded us of the Tussle show at 8th Continent on Friday night. Of course the San Francisco dub/disco/Liquid Liquidesque group is playing with Hot Chip tonight as well, but I think I'd much rather see them at the 8th than at the Granada, and from what I've read about their highly energetic live shows, a small venue should be the perfect place to find them in their element.

Tussle is certainly the biggest national touring band that has come through the 8th so far, and with Night Game Cult and Undoing of David Wright opening, I'm guessing fun is assured, and the place will be packed.

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mavericks 112 warriors 99
Well it wasn't exactly pretty, but the Mavs did what they needed to do last night. The good news is that they were able to win fairly convincingly without even coming close to playing their best basketball... and to top it all off, the whole "getting in their heads" argument seems to have flip flopped, as Baron Davis and Stephen Jackson, the Warriors' team leaders, each bitched their way to an early exit.

I'm not fully confident that the Mavs are back in control mentally (especially with two tough away games coming up), but they finally got the Golden State monkey off their backs, and that is certainly a start. The Warriors probably can't play a lot better than they did, but the Mavs still have to get a lot better before they can say they're playing like themselves again. And thats a good sign.






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it list : wednesday
yeah, I DID in fact hear that Celtic Frost is playing tonight, but its at Palladium Ballroom with Type o Negative, meaning that it'll be slightly more fun than begging for change in Deep Ellum.

And besides, its (gulp) already do or die time at the AA Center tonight. Prediction: Mavs win. Anyone else think so? If I'm wrong, then the anti-sports readers can throw a party, because this will surely be a short post season.

Assuming that Denton has dried up a bit, This is Radio Clash will be happening at Hailey's as usual, and if you're not feeling any of this stuff, you're free to sit around at home and wait for us to post the two features that should be ready in the next 24 hours.

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keep denton dry
Jesus, I had no idea what happened in Denton last night until I went to the Rubber Gloves website and saw the picture to the left. Um, everything ok up there? I was all over the metroplex last night and didn't see ANYTHING like this. I guess I just assumed Denton was ok too. If you guys need, we can send our emergency rations of Melvins CDs up there for you... all you have to do is ask.

Here is more information on the flooding if you're interested.

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it list : tuesday
Das Kapital | Decibel Dudes | Koji Kondo | Black Wizardz | Kaboom
(J & J's Pizza)
It seems this show is centered around this touring band from Chicago, Das Kapital, but the local bands are actually where it's at. I'm not a big fan of this upbeat, melodic Replacements-influenced style of punk that Das Kapital plays. Few have the song-writing chops to pull it off well, and most just play into this kind of sneering cutesiness. Their home page says the guitarist/vocalist was in the far superior Traitors. I've never heard Decibel Dudes and I liked the scratchy, beat driven samples on their page. Black Wizardz is somewhat traditional rock and roll layered endlessly with distortion and the impressive double task of a singer/drummer. Kaboom puts on a very animated live show with a heavy 90's underground sound influenced by The Jesus Lizard and Arab On Radar. Koji Kondo you've heard us talk about before but I heard from some anonymous comment that they're just a "punk band." If more so-called punk was like that, the world would be a much more tolerable place.
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it list : monday
Stnnng | Burnt Sienna (Secret Headquarters)
Best Monday night show I've seen in some time. Stnnng (pronounced "stunning") is from Minneapolis and they play a furious yet exacting style of rock music that is reminiscent of Ritual Tension in their better moments, or the calculated shout and thud of Shellac. Their drummer also played for the now defunct and impossibly complex instrumental outfit, Wicketran. Burnt Sienna Trio will also play and I hope to catch it since their live appearances are somewhat rare compared to other Denton acts. Burnt Sienna's music is almost the opposite of Stnnng, with heavy folk and blues influences and some very busy banjo picking. Go to this.
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last week's good records sales chart

1. Voot Cha Index - The Talking House/Cradle 7"
2. Koji Kondo/Eat Avery's Bones - Split 7"
3. Robert Gomez - Brand New Towns
4. Bosque Brown - Cerro Verde
5. Mom - Mom


1. Nine Inch Nails - Year Zero
2. Panda Bear - Person Pitch
3. Blonde Redhead - 23
4. Centro-Matic - Operation Motorcide e.p.
5. Bright Eyes - Cassadaga
6. Arcade Fire - Neon Bible
7. Andrew Bird - Armchair Apocrypha
8. Kings of Leon - Because of the Times
9. Jana Hunter - There's No Home
10. Modest Mouse - We Were Dead Before the Ship Ever Sank
11. Low - Drums and Guns
12. Grinderman - Grinderman
13. Hold Steady - Live at Fingerprints
14. Air - Pocket Symphony
15. Noisettes - What's the Time Mr. Wolf?
16. David Karsten Daniels - Sharp Teeth
17. Voot Cha Index - The Talking House/Cradle 7"
18. Trans Am - Sex Change
19. LCD Soundsystem - Sound of Silver
20. Explosions in the Sky - All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone
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monday morning rock
Mavs post below if you're into that kind of stuff.

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warriors 97 mavericks 85
Those of you who were around here last year know that we had a policy during the playoffs: no posts after a Mavs loss. One of the reasons we did this was because we knew a Mavs loss would cause our writing to suffer: essentially, we were afraid that we'd jump to irrational conclusions about the games because we were too pissed and/or drunk to calmly analyze what we had just witnessed.

And frankly, despite my best efforts, I'm starting to think that we might have to adopt that policy again this year. After all, there are a few things we need to remember before we start talking shit: the Mavs were consistently the best team in the NBA this season. They won 67 games, went on multi double digit winning streaks, and basically seemed to come through whenever and however they needed in order to win, often dominating even the NBA's best teams in the process. The Mavs were one of the deepest, most talented and disciplined teams in the NBA pretty much every night they stepped out on the court, and it would be insane to think that Golden State, an 8th seed that has played terrible on the road all year, would be able to beat the Mavs in a seven game playoff series, especially since the Mavs have been so focused on winning a championship all year long. These are the kinds of things that we might tend to overlook if we started posting every time the Mavs lost, and it really isn't fair.

Instead of having faith in the NBA's best team, we might, for example, get too hung up on the fact that the Mavs came out in game 1 with no fire, drive, or sense of urgency. Or we might spend too much time talking about how Dirk looked limp, timid and unconcerned throughout the whole game, or how Golden State seemed to know how to get him rattled from the start, causing him to shoot a dismal 4-16 from the field. Or we might go on and on about the fact that the Mavs, one of the NBA's deepest teams, was only able to get 4 points from their bench, including absolutely nothing from Jerry Stackhouse, who should be a serious contender for sixth man of the year. Or we might incorrectly focus on the fact that the Warriors, despite not playing their best basketball, were able to control the tempo and feel of the game all night, and didn't seem to look nervous or intimidated at any point as they maintained control pretty much throughout. Or we might waste our time wondering if Nellie, who is out for blood against Mark Cuban and the Mavericks organization, might just know enough about Dirk, Avery, Del, and the rest of the team to expose all their weaknesses on such a regular basis that even if the Mavs do win this series, the rest of the NBA will have a blueprint on how to take them down. Or we might just pointlessly worry about the fact that over the past two seasons, the Mavs have not been able to beat the Warriors under pretty much any circumstances (including their last six meetings), which is quite problematic since they are presently better than they've been at any other point during that stretch.

You see? These posts are just a downer, and quite frankly, we're probably allowing our anger to get the best of us. The Mavs are the best team in the NBA, and they just had an off night tonight. Thats all. And there is no WAY they could lose in the first round to a mediocre team like Golden State. Right? Right?


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whoa! total weekender freakout, bro!
The guy to the left is pretty much the personification of the reason why I'm embarrassed to even mention "4/20" in polite conversation. However, seeing as how I'm currently re-reading Hunter Thompson's Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail (its creepy how many parallels you can draw between 72 and 04), I guess I'll let my freak flag fly and tell everyone to go take drugs or something on this very special day. Besides, everything else about April 20th is pretty creepy, meaning that we could probably do a lot worse than a dude with a funny hat and bongos. Cool? Anyway, I anticipated having more time to do this than I do, so things are going to be a bit short today. But what do you care? You're all probably too high to read anyway. Lets go:


The Party with Select | Sober | Witnes (Zubar)
There hasn't been a party at Zubar in a while, I believe, so this might be your best bet tonight if you're looking for a chance to get stupid at a straight up dance party.

Stereo On Strike with U-Gene | Wanz and Ineka | Matthewmatics | Stephen R(Avenue Arts)
Promising diverse sets of minimal techno, DJ sets and live laptop performances (along with a keg), this should be a great spot both before and after hours to party and hear some music that you pretty much can't find anywhere else in the metroplex. $6 cover.

Mad Scientists | Violent Squid | Oveo | Christian! Teenage Runaways (Secret Headquarters)
All over the place experimental show in Denton featuring the rotating cast of characters known as Violent Squid, lead by Ty Stamp and including collaboration with members of Oveo and Shane English of Ghosthuster, Undoing of David Wright and Chief Death Rage. This is also Mad Scientists last show in their current incarnation.

Tapes N Tapes | Harlem Shakes | Red Monroe(Granada)

The Baptist Generals (Dallas Public Library- 8pm)
This is free, literally goes on all night, and takes place in the, um, big library downtown? Yep. Baptist Generals play at 8, and you can get the low down on all the other stuff going on right here.

Young Jeezy | Lil Wayne/Fat Joe (Smirnoff Music Centre)

Bob White and the F-Electrics are playing with someone at J&Js for free starting at 9pm. I'd tell you who else was going to be there, but I can't read the damn poster.


Adult | Parts and Labor | Dan Deacon (Hailey's)
Be sure to show up in time to see the excellent parts and Labor.

Hot Flash Party (Fallout Lounge)

Pete Rock DJ set (Minc)
And I reminisce over this guy, for real. No idea what kind of stuff Pete Rock is busting out these days, but I bet his DJ shows absolutely fucking rule. Read more about his long career here. Sober and Select will be opening.

The Noise Revival Orchestra Experience | Dana Falconberry | Grass Fight (Secret Headquarters)


Check back with us for Sunday shows AND the start of our Mavs playoff blogging... I know some of the anons are super excited about that! Sorry to have to be so short. Also sorry if I screwed any links up.

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ghosthustler news
Well at least Pitchfork waited until Ghosthustler played their first show: The band got a nice little write up on the Forkcase today, which you can read by clicking the link above. Congrats to those guys for all the attention, because the hype seems more than justified.
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keith p- bass music (free mix cd)

A few weeks ago, someone in one of our comment sections remarked that one of the only ways to hear interesting new music in Dallas these days is to go see a DJ set. Given the context, it seemed like the statement was made in jest, but when taken literally, there appears to be more than a bit of truth to it. Although there ARE talented musicians in Dallas making interesting original music right now (Treewave, Unconscious Collective, The Frenz, various members of the Laptop Deathmatch, etc.), many of them perform sparsely, and the majority of forward-looking, well attended and interesting local music events that have taken place in the city over the past six months have been DJ shows. The talented Central Booking crew has played a major role in this development and have deservedly received most of the local coverage, but recently, a veteran local DJ named Keith P released a free downloadable mix CD that is likely to garner him some attention of his own.

Keith P has been spinning around the city for several years as a long standing member of Unit One, a DJ/design/marketing crew that is probably best known around town for its Vice Records Run the Road release parties and Dub Assembly, its rotating dubstep party currently happening once a month at the Green Elephant. For the past few years, Keith's sets have focused mainly on 2-step, dubstep and grime, rapidly evolving genres that have started to gain popularity in American electronic underground circles over the past few years. These influences can certainly be heard all over Bass Music, Keith P's latest collection of songs, but the mix happily finds the DJ branching out into a myriad of other highly relevant sounds while utilizing eclecticism, effective live mixing and a seemingly instinctive knack for track selection to create one of the most shrewdly contemporary, accessible and exhilarating party soundtracks we've heard all year.

Mixed completely live and clocking in at just over an hour, Bass Music is a showcase of contemporary club-bangers that seem to rise, peak and fall at exactly the right times, demonstrating a utilitarian focus on dance floor movement propelled by a selection of highly tasteful tracks that will likely impress even the most knowledgeable vinyl hounds. The mix's main strength lies in the breadth of sounds and scenes that it touches on, shifting from tracks like the bouncy, ultra hyper collaboration between French hip hop act TTC and Bpitch Control's Modeselektor to the sugary r&b dance pop of Jamelia's "Something About You," all with a seamless and casual confidence. Present through the duration of the mix are the influences of acid house, dubstep, hip hop, R&B and even a bit of synth pop, but none of these sounds ever truly shine through to dominate the mood. Instead, we get a virtual meet and greet with some of the most talked about DJs and producers in dance music today, including the glitchy, anthemic new house of Sebastian's "Ross Ross Ross" and the red hot Erol Alkan remix of Justice's "Waters of Nazareth", as well as Jesse Rose and Sinden's hard hitting dub influenced "Me Mobile" and poppier songs from the likes of Lilly Allen, Basement Jaxx and Sneaker Pimps, whom Keith uses to close out the mix with great effect. Balancing menacing, repetitive dub heavy tracks with pulsing bass, blip house hits and exclusive cuts from Drop The Lime and Curses, among others, Keith effectively whips together highly varying sounds and turns them into a unit in which not a single break or turn seems forced or out of place, which is a much more difficult feat than he makes it seem.

Essentially, Bass Music has everything you would expect from a hip, competent mix CD, but the truly exciting thing is that Keith P is someone we have just started to hear things about even though he's been sitting in our backyard for years. You probably couldn't take a better snap shot of the current state of tasteful, quality electro than he has here, and its good to know that Keith is just one of several local DJs with a thumb firmly planted on the pulse of the international dance underground. And speaking of pulses, the cohesive mixing and dance floor appeal of Bass Music make it truly accessible to anybody that has one.

(You can download Keith P's Bass music for free on his Myspace page. Rating is four stars out of a possible five)
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videos n shit

local q&a-- dharma
robert pollard of guided by voices
maria bamford
ga'an (chicago)
local q&a final club
mary anne hobbs
the pains of being pure at heart
neon indian
nardwuar interview
vivian girls
infernus of gorgoroth
local q & a fergus and geronimo
wolves in the throne room
nite jewel
here we go magic (brooklyn)
local q&a-- fungi girls
gang gang dance
aids wolf
indian jewelry
dj hatcha
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