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it list : monday
Anonymous says..2:56 PM
thats roy johnsons house! richest man in town! spent over 100K building it! he even drives a lincoln!
aeiou says..2:57 PM
i'd pay 35 bucks to see that fight
Anonymous says..2:57 PM
fight bite fucking ruleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees
Anonymous says..3:25 PM
is that a picture of tina fey with her emmy?
Anonymous says..3:35 PM
i miss sr.
norm macdonald says..3:53 PM
you stole my joke.
Anonymous says..4:00 PM
maybe this goose will change your mind.....
Anonymous says..4:19 PM
when did cdworld close? did dallas and addisson close or just dallas. cd source is better anywya.
Anonymous says..4:30 PM
yeah, cd source is far better. plus its ran by an old asian lady, which is also the mark of quality for donut shops.
Anonymous says..5:29 PM
Anonymous says..5:45 PM
i love that old Asian lady she's greatness as are the ridiculous staff picks that are always up on the wall
George Neal says..7:39 PM
My first college roommate, who was a coke dealing metal-head, would get really mad when I played either Sonic Youth or Husker Du. He said they were the right amount of loud, but too sloppy to be truly heavy. He played me Saxon's Denim and Leather to right my ways. It only took 19 years for me to realize that we were both right.
schmancy says..8:52 PM
someone recently suggested that I was a scenester. a scenester hobnobber.

for a person who abhors that particular word (scene), I found it ironic.

wait, did I use that correctly? ironic?

but seriously, what is scenester, anyhow?

this isn't some passive aggressive post on my part, promise. but I'm seriously trying to understand this shit. I always understood that word to be somewhat parasitic, and specifically non causative. both things I would just die to be guilty of.

last I looked, I don't use ironic accessories, or have ironic clothing, or even any ironic hawaiian shirts...or shucks.

so, help me define this so we can straighten out some poor kid's judgement. call me out if you have to.
Anonymous says..9:46 PM
no thanks. analytical much? or just anal perhaps..

fag bite don't rule. this much new york does'nt know, as they certainly could'nt give a flying fuck for amateur hour.

of course cd source rules. as opposed to bad. or bill'sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss.....................................................
a computer says..9:52 PM
can you guys post more nudes on here?
Anonymous says..10:22 PM
9:46, learn to type one coherent thought before you talk about amateur hour, you illiterate shit-bag.
meggie says..10:36 PM
yeah, you suck 9:46, because fight bite totally fucking rule.
and you're an idiot.
Anonymous says..10:57 PM
its about the central bankers ruining this damn country. the money changers foo!
Anonymous says..1:29 AM
coinstar got our economy fucked up
Anonymous says..7:17 AM
Is the Black Angels show sold out? I can't find tickets anywhere for the Granada show.
Anonymous says..8:30 AM
i wear panties and im not female. feels good.
Anonymous says..9:32 AM
dear fuckhead that keeps copying and pasting from denton rock city: We are not impressed. Grow the fuck up.

Anonymous says..9:33 AM
Is the Black Angels show sold out? I can't find tickets anywhere for the Granada show.

you guys are relentless with your bullshit geeeezzz...
hobnobber says..9:37 AM
I wouldn't call it either of those...
I'm in the band, so I won't blow any smoke up your ass..
but I don't think any two of our songs have 3 chords in common...
and for the 15 minutes or so we played last night, maybe about 2 minutes of it was in 4/4......
so definitely not in the punk genre.....but I wouldn't
label it myself....that's suicide for a band....
the two most interesting comparison's I've gotten:
one guy called it "Far on crack"
and one chick told me she thought "at the drive-in meets metallica"..I was kind-of offended by the metallica reference...there aren't any noodling solos.....maybe I'll get a new amp...I feel all dirty now....
Anonymous says..10:04 AM
that old asian lady and her husband annoy me.
richardson heights says..10:28 AM
that old asian lady is way too helpful... makes every trip to cd source slightly tense.
cody says..10:51 AM
haven't thought about when we'll play again yet...last night was sort of a test-run @ the open mic thing....

If they still count I'd have to say my favorite denton band is Paperchase...
I'm really starting to like blueprint sea too....the singer's really got an awesome voice....& the guitar player kind-of makes me want to give up & play maracas or something....
hmm...I saw Burnt Sienna the other night...not usually my style, but I really liked them...it was an interesting change from what I normally see around here....
Miss Furious says..10:53 AM
I just wanna know why i'm called a "hot topic girl" and why you think i'm irritating, when most people tell me they can't hear me and they need to turn up the vocals... on a side note, i know my voice is irritating (i thought that was the point?) Haven't you ever listened to X-Ray Specs or Crass? Maybe youre just mad cuz you are not in a shitty band too? also, if you think i'm irritating, why the fuck do you wanna know when we are playing again? oh, and if you do come, will you heckle me? i love hecklers, and i definately deserve someone to yell at me, and if you don't like us, i would love for you to come and heckle me! Please?
Anonymous says..2:48 PM
Is the Black Angels show sold out? I can't find tickets anywhere for the Granada show.

-Check again, I saw over 300 available through the Granada site. Oh & by the way, it's listed under the actual headliner, Roky Erickson.
Anonymous says..8:02 PM
Anonymous says..8:04 PM
that's kinda the point, richardson...
Anonymous says..8:07 PM
well meggie, actually you suck. me. just like the rest of the broads. comprende?
Anonymous says..8:10 PM
damn 10:22, why don't you just cry about it. shitbag...
Anonymous says..9:27 PM
8:07 and 8:10, not if you were the last man on earth. pussy.
Anonymous says..11:05 PM
fuk u bitch
Anonymous says..11:27 PM
wow, intelligent.
Anonymous says..9:24 AM
fuck intelligence.
meggie says..1:21 PM
actually, im a broad with more balls than you, little faggy anonymous idiot 8:07.

meggie says..1:24 PM
oh and suck my fat cock, asshole.
Anonymous says..2:26 PM
BEST SHOW OF WEEK is not mentioned: WHITE DENIM on OCT 4th in dallas.
Anonymous says..7:02 PM
sorry meggie, certainly not until you are shaven. moustache too...
Anonymous says..10:47 PM
you're right! Bands with names like Chicago and Boston are much better!
meggie says..10:37 AM
but im going for that lazy stoner look.
Anonymous says..6:59 PM
yeah.. erm... i don't think anyone outside of sue ellen's wants to see that, m'k??
Anonymous says..9:27 PM
wat the fukkk
meggie says..9:38 PM
You're an anonymous felching rim licker, that's quite an accomplishment.
Anonymous says..7:57 AM
is that what your mom told you? or your sister??
Anonymous says..7:57 AM
meggie says..7:35 PM
fuck you, my mom rules!

why are you awake so early, retard?
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