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Anonymous says..3:25 PM
what, no louis xiv?
Anonymous says..3:29 PM
great tyrant, unbearables from austin, and febrifuge saturday at Lola's
michael says..3:32 PM
Tonight is the Zanzibar Snails Denton CD Release for their new record "Vanadium Dream".
Dirty Water Disease will also have a new free live recording CD available.
Free show, starts at 9pm.
Anonymous says..3:39 PM
Man these Denton DJs act like their shit is going to get outlawed in the next couple months. Take it easy dudes it's okay to just hang loose one night of the week.
Anonymous says..3:40 PM
Completely agree about Actual Air. I've tried out a good cross section of poetry to see if any of it could stick in a relevant, daily way - not an "I see why this is well respected, but it has no meaning to my life in 2008" way.

Actual Air is the only poetry that's ever felt relevant.
Anonymous says..3:42 PM
a lot of terrible bands with no longevity in Denton and Dallas
Anonymous says..3:53 PM
Good Luck (Bloomington)
Paul Baribeau (Bloomington [Plan-it-X records])
Har Herrar (Mount Righteous guy solo)
Excretion (Denton)

Pretty Plan-it-X show at 1919 Hemphill, Saturday evening at 7pm.
Darcy @ Knight House says..3:57 PM
Show up at like 9 or 10. bands will probably start around 9:30 ish and play till about 1.
yeahdef says..3:59 PM
@3:39 - im going to cite the law of "CANTSTOPWONTSTP" in rebuttal to your comment.

after 12:30 im only playing wutang related tonight
Mr. Gooden, phd says..4:07 PM
Pepi Ginsberg is good. On the serious, and that means a lot coming from a doctor.
chad says..4:10 PM
Can you play that one Wu related song off of Wu Chronicles (vol 2 i think?) that goes... "Fuck da world don't ask me for shit, everything you get you gotta work hard for it" That would be awesome.

Oh yeah I am doing projections for dis thang and tomorrow and will have 10 copies of dD v4 for sale.
Mr. Gooden, phd says..4:18 PM
I prescribe all the dan's regulars a dose of Rowdy Roddy Piper's 'reality check' to ease the pretentiousness. If conditions get worse, they should contact their employeer and request an early scenester retirement because Denton is too small for that shit.
a computer says..4:31 PM
we can dj as much as we want.
adub mcwhite says..4:50 PM
hey woah man, thanks for the props and yeah i post wayyyyy too much stupid thoughtless shit on dRc but COME ONE. HANG OUT AT DAN'S?!?!?!?!?! gimme some credit!
i rep empty wallet on lower brokeville.
al jazeera says..5:01 PM
every wonder why Dans silver leaf doesn't welcome outsiders into their fire side chats?
Anonymous says..5:06 PM
Centro-matic: white people music for white people.

Go figure.
yeahdef says..5:07 PM
chad - yeah ill play it.
ps: its a biggie track w/meff off ready to die
yeahdef says..5:32 PM
chad - post up a new mix on here. maybe a fall one this time. you did a summer one. now do a fuckin fall one homey.
vanity squared says..5:48 PM
man, i am SO fuckin SICK of fight bite.

Anonymous says..5:52 PM

whats the name of your group?

and vanity squared is stoopid
frd says..5:52 PM
the visitations show on austin street is just a low key acoustic one to take us into the wee hours in robby's picturesque backyard. gonna be quite different from their usual spectacle so do your mom a favor and hit both shows in the face. byobooooooze to both of em. and if you can, please throw some $$ at the touring acts seeings how they're both free shows. ffffffffffff
Liles says..6:07 PM
Yeah, poetry is a beating. But like any means of creative expression, there is the occasional exception to the rule. Dial up YouTube and check out this guy from Philly named Black Ice. Saw him a couple of different times on HBO's "Def Poetry Jam". That motherfucker can write.

Actually, a lot of Mos Def's shit is pretty interesting too... but after he introduced Black Ice, he just got out of the way and let him do his thing.

Check this out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SY7pM8k8moY
the real yeahdef says..6:08 PM
what mix are you talking about and why are you faking on my identity
dont put words in my mouf plz
- (the real) yeahdef

tldr; use your own name on wsjr
The Rape Over says..6:19 PM
More amazing Black Ice shit:

aaron gonzalez says..6:24 PM
poetry rules
yeahdef says..6:28 PM
Im not sure who 6:08 is and why they are impersonating me.
yeahdef says..6:35 PM
6:28 who are you? im the real yeahdef bitch. and chad hook up the mix you Jheri curl.
jasper says..7:14 PM
oh really? did you for the first time acknowledge that david berman is a genius? you like ts eliot too? who gives a shit.
jasper says..7:17 PM
man, every time i post something halfway mean-spirited, i feel bad about it. it was just the "i hate poetry, but i kinda like ts eliot" comment that sounded phony as hell.
yeahdef says..7:40 PM
yeah i'm deaf, big whoop! wanna fight about it?
Anonymous says..8:03 PM
new jews record definitely does not suck. at least 3 songs on there rival any of the best he's written. yeah, there are some throwaways but the same can be said for american water and starlite walker.
Anonymous says..8:08 PM
Silver jews just sucks period. Why do you all listen to such shit?
i have to go now says..8:14 PM
stonedranger reminded me i have to delete myself every once in a while. he knows shit.
Anonymous says..8:18 PM
it's a shame that many people will go see these bands and few people will see djg on sunday.
Anonymous says..8:55 PM
Fat Daddy’s Sound Shack is CLOSED indefinitely.

Today, Friday September 19, 2008 Fat Daddy’s Sound Shack is CLOSED indefinitely. The reason is “The Pond Depot”, Fat Daddy’s next door neighbor, complained to the owner of the property, Catherine, that we brought very bad kids and Parents “YOU” to the center. The Pond Depot said that our kids and Parents “YOU” were rowdy and were out of control.

So, here we are. We were kick out of our new venue because of “The Pond Depot” and “Catherine”.

It really pissed me off when the owners of “The Pond Depot” were snickering as we were loading the moving truck last night. They stayed late just to watch and laugh at us as we loaded the truck.

I spoke to the owner of the Convenient Store “Shell” they like “YOU”. They enjoyed having you around. They were the only ones open when we were open. So I guess “The Pond Depot” has a lot of power with Catherine.

As of now we are closed. If and when we find a new location we will let everyone know.

This situation makes Sarah and I very sad. Fat Daddy’s Sound Shack has been in business for over 5 years. And now, someone who is not even open when we have shows has killed us.
How can they say “YOU” are a problem?

Take care everyone, remember to SUPPORT THE LOCAL MUSIC SCENE, go see as many local shows as you can at the other venues. Thank you to everyone that has come to Fad Daddy’s Sound Shack in the last 5 years. You will always be in our hearts.

Very sad and pissed,

Kenny and Sarah Brattain ☹

P.S. If anyone knows of a vacant restaurant, bar or venue that we can move in to. Please send me an email.
My email address is fatdaddys@mac. com

Feel free to contact the people who killed Fat Daddy's Sound Shack. Their contact info is below.

The Pond Depot Contact Info:

(817) 491-0929

(214) 488-7400

301 FM 3040

Round Grove Rd.

Suite #108

Lewisville, TX 75067

http://www. sublimewatergarden. com

dan@sublimewatergarden. com

tracy@sublimewatergarden. com

annie@sublimewatergarden. com

tony@sublimewatergarden. com

The Property Owner’s Contact Info:

Catherine or Raymond

Anonymous says..9:23 PM
Anonymous says..9:41 PM
what are baylor gals called?
Anonymous says..10:29 PM
chad says..11:40 PM
I think I will make an autumn disc whether real or fake people want it. Fall is a tough season to corner though.

Also there were no projections tonight cause I was shitting liquid shell fish out my ass. Look for some crazy shit tomorrow as DJG sends his soul vibrations into my heart and onto the screen. I've got my Roxy video ready to go.

There is some good poetry. Like Stephen Spender.

I Think Continually Of Those Who Were Truly Great

I think continually of those who were truly great.
Who, from the womb, remembered the soul's history
Through corridors of light where the hours are suns
Endless and singing. Whose lovely ambition
Was that their lips, still touched with fire,
Should tell of the Spirit clothed from head to foot in song.
And who hoarded from the Spring branches
The desires falling across their bodies like blossoms.

What is precious is never to forget
The essential delight of the blood drawn from ageless springs
Breaking through rocks in worlds before our earth.
Never to deny its pleasure in the morning simple light
Nor its grave evening demand for love.
Never to allow gradually the traffic to smother
With noise and fog the flowering of the spirit.

Near the snow, near the sun, in the highest fields
See how these names are fŠted by the waving grass
And by the streamers of white cloud
And whispers of wind in the listening sky.
The names of those who in their lives fought for life
Who wore at their hearts the fire's center.
Born of the sun they traveled a short while towards the sun,
And left the vivid air signed with their honor.
brent says..12:47 AM
saturday @ dans silveleaf
sarah jaffe / chameleon chamber group / matthew gray
derivative sharivative says..1:17 AM
Chad, do shut up.
Anonymous says..2:18 AM
Didn't you people just post a long article jocking Cohen? Now you are talking like poetry is beneath you?
Anonymous says..2:48 AM
Fuck you!

dans silver queef
superbligged says..10:34 AM
vanity squared: how many times have you seen fight bite? pleeeeez
whoa bubby says..1:35 PM
dan's tonight.

sarah jaffe
chameleon chamber group
matthew gray-

Anonymous says..5:16 PM
Anonymous says..8:12 PM
مايو الله ، صلي الله عليه وسلم ، وجعل له غضب على هذه القضيب أن يتم عديمة الفائدة
Anonymous says..9:56 PM
translation: that's all, folks!!
five dollar you call its says..2:27 AM
uptown, bitches. i live at the belvedere.
Anonymous says..3:38 AM
مايو الله ، صلي الله عليه وسلم ، وجعل له غضب على هذه القضيب أن يتم عديمة الفائدة
Anonymous says..11:01 AM
jai guru dev om
Anonymous says..11:22 AM
Today at 11:13am, d a n i e l f o wrote:
Yea, what was the deal with the guy coming up from the crowd to play the guitar?

Zany / douchebag fan bro. Not part of the show.

JC got aids blood on his shirt throwing him out.

wtf people.
Anonymous says..12:14 PM
superbligged--i've been stuck sitting through fight bite about four times. they are always playing with or opening for bands i'm into. they are boring and aren't giving me anything new.

just b/c the girl in the band is kinda cute doesn't mean they're not a total drag to have to sit thru. and it doesn't mean that fight bite is a bad band. it's just boring and incredibly dull.
superbligged84 says..12:24 PM
ok. but i don't think 'the girl''s cuteness should have be an issue. swiss ex-lover and a few other tracks on their album are really good. if i hadn't been at the silver jewbags show i would've seen FB fo sho. also, FB's sets are incredibly short.i can't believe you can get bored that quick. oh, well, the ADD generation...
Anonymous says..12:36 PM
imagine if their songs were long? they it would just be long and boring rather than short and boring.
Anonymous says..1:33 PM
"just because the girl in the band is kind cute"


kill yourself.

you're a disgrace to your generation and you'll never know anything about music.
frd says..2:51 PM
if you missed the visitations both times last night, it seems they're playing again at dan's tonight. pretty sre its free. expect them on at ten. hope some of you were at the fra house for the robot. goddamn.
hi haters hi haters! says..4:38 PM
To 1:33

I guess women don't ever like a band because the members are cute.

Never happens, right?

Anonymous says..5:12 PM
Nobody ever brings up looks as a reason to why a band of dudes are getting so much attention if their music comes into question.
Anonymous says..6:26 PM
someone show this kid a teenbeat magazine.
Anonymous says..7:58 PM
Nobody ever brings up looks as a reason to why a band of dudes are getting so much attention if their music comes into question.
Looker Hair Group says..9:11 PM
The Strokes
Afghan Whigs
The Killers
Blink 182
Goo Goo Dolls

sheesh, should I keep going?
Michael Huggins says..10:02 PM
If you work you should be paid. Club/bar/eatery establishments who want someone to play for food or drinks are merely trying to take advantage of musicians. Musicians who knuckle under to such, have a GREAT DEAL to learn about conducting real world business.

Equipment is expensive and has to be maintained, loaded in the vehicle (which has to be maintained and fed expensive gasoline), unloaded when arriving and then set up. THEN one has to play for the alloted time. Then, tear down the equipment, load it up, drive home, unload and store gear. That is work and should be paid for. $100 dollars a man is cheap.
$40.00/hr is a bare minimum in my view.

Then there is the talent and ability to play as an ensemble, to wit: the title of entertainer.... for which anyone doing it, should be paid.
Those who do it for less or food/drinks or free are cutting their on throat as well as the throat of their fellow professional musicians.

Here's a query for you. Let's say you are a plumber or a scientist or a computer programmer, etc. How about when I need YOUR services, I buy ya some pizza and a twelve pack of tallboys and you can clean my plumbing waste material out of my bathroom floor, assure the DNA info is correct for murder prosecution purposes, and program the flight plan computer at D/FW and Love Field airports?
Anyone with skills who works should be paid accordingly. Anyone who tries to get that group to work for food and drinks is a person I want nothing to do with. They're persona non grata to me. Some folks just want something for nothing. I want nothing from them.

If we as musicians/patrons don't boycott establishments that do this, it will grow into a problem that has no solution( it already has reared it's ugly head all over the D/FW metro area.

Mr/Ms. club/cafe/bar/pizzeria/ winery/eatery owner/mgr.; if you want free music, take your cds and boom box to work with ya. But remember, you had to buy those too(I hope). Perhaps BMI/ASCAP will pay you an unannounced/unknown visit about the time you're setting up the cd player to play some tunes you like for your patrons entertainment...... I'd like to be there when you get the royalty bill.

On the other hand, doing the occasional free performance for the purpose of a benefit for the community or an individual genuinely in need of help is a good thing for all involved. Just make sure it's for charity/ whole community benefit.
Thanx for listening,
Michael Huggins /The JukeKings/Paris Tex/ UNT grad.
swampass says..11:23 PM
but what about the amount of enjoyment musicians get out of playing music? plumbers may be proud of their line of work (if they're lucky), but most probably don't enjoy cleaning shit out of your pipes.

there are the musicians who do it for pure enjoyment, and free drinks/gas money are a welcomed plus. then there are those that view it as a job, like a birthday clown or some shit.

and i suppose there can be a mix between the two.

i guess you could be talking about jazz musicians or cover bands that play for hours at fancy bars/restuarants...and in that case what you say is very true. but i think this blog and its commenters mostly favor rock music with some sort of artistic quality to it.

not to say that jazz isn't artistic...ah whatever...i'm done. .... . . .
Anonymous says..7:06 AM
Sorry Michael Huggins... you were obviously not an economics major at UNT. Supply and demand factor into this. There are aproximately 3 bands for every alcohol drinker in DFW. That means bars don't always pay musicians well. But you're more than welcome to turn demand more money, i.e. not play in the metroplex ever, if that's your attitude. I, myself, prefer to play at places like 1919 where nobody gets paid and nobody drinks. Bet that messes with your mind don't it?
Stayin' On Top Of It says..10:02 AM
Don't be jealous because Leanne is HOT and Talented. Must suck that you are obviously neither AND a dickhead.
Anonymous says..11:19 AM
Oh yes please, don't pay me. I prefer to play music using tin cans, rubberbands and a cigar box. In the dark, with no ac. Wow, how fucking inspirational it is to live in poverty. Thanks. Maybe if you don't really have any respect for your own work, then you are fine doing it for free. Some people actually do work hard to make their music and spend alot of time on it. I'll do a show for free, BUT, if some talentless fucker is keeping all the money from the door, after they asked you to play, then that fucker better be prepared to buy new tires.

PS: Some people are good at playing their instruments and just so happen to be attractive. Now, if they have what's called "style" then they are really in business and people start getting upset because they don't have it. Boo hoo for you!
stonedranger says..1:19 PM
Who the fuck let brett michaels in here?
Anonymous says..2:30 PM
You did.
Anonymous says..2:59 PM
the minute the bands i play in become jobs is the minute i quit.

go fuck your plumber-self, michael
Anonymous says..3:04 PM
swampass, you don't remember bozo the clown?
Don't Stop Believing says..7:56 PM
The minute I start getting paid for doing what I love to do, then I will quit my job. You know you want it too.
Anonymous says..2:00 PM
don't stop believing, hold on to that fee-la-ee-ea-a-a-an. streetlights, people-Oh-ooo-OOOOhhh!!
k roq says..2:50 PM
come on. you can't expect to be paid for every show. and even if you did, the ratio to shows you're playing to the cost of gas and equipment, etc..you're making no more than any other dayshift stripper.

don't quit your day job, basically.

p.s. fight bite are great and awesome to play a show with. maybe i should say leanne is hideous so people will take them more seriously. get some plastic surgery, you hag!
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OHlsoPuZEDibYIyVi says..12:18 PM
good luck
cxNCPZNtpFpoNNC says..1:24 AM
good luck
Marci Wright says..5:10 PM
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