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monday morning rock
Anonymous says..8:34 AM
why so late today?
anybody says..9:17 AM
any info on what went down in Austin @ ACL?

were any of you down there? any highlights to mention?
Anonymous says..9:35 AM
Well, I will definitely catch black angels this weekend. I don't think the Presets are worth my time or money. Well, at least the crowd won't be.
Anonymous says..9:47 AM
Man, I friggin' love interpretive dance. At first I thought she was dancing with Gary Lee from Prayer of the Rollerboys.
Anonymous says..9:58 AM
Death is Not a Joyride at Cavern Saturday. They're from Austin. They're pretty good
schmancy says..10:05 AM
someone recently suggested that I was a scenester. a scenester hobnobber.

for a person who abhors that particular word (scene), I found it ironic.

wait, did I use that correctly? ironic?

but seriously, what is scenester, anyhow?

this isn't some passive aggressive post on my part, promise. but I'm seriously trying to understand this shit. I always understood that word to be somewhat parasitic, and specifically non causative. both things I would just die to be guilty of.

last I looked, I don't use ironic accessories, or have ironic clothing, or even any ironic hawaiian shirts...or shucks.

so, help me define this so we can straighten out some poor kid's judgement. call me out if you have to.
atchley says..10:27 AM
Hipsters are wearing hawaiian shirts? Like the kind 40/50-year-olds wear? That's news to me. They deserve to wear Hawaiian shirts.
gutterth says..10:34 AM
Gutterth Live: Episode XXVII




More Info.
Anonymous says..10:41 AM
A necessary requisite for scenesterism is posting self-absorbed comments in a public forum that draw attention to you under the guise of just "wanting to know", thus being seen in the scene even more than you already are, you fucking scenester scumbag. I'm sure we'll all be seeing you innocently hobnobbing at the Cavern.
Anonymous says..10:44 AM
roman numerals are hard to read
Anonymous says..10:54 AM
Also This Thursday Oct 2nd:

Climax Denial
Peter J.Woods

Anonymous says..11:24 AM
If there is any doubt or question you probably are.
Anonymous says..11:57 AM
RIP Meridian
H says..12:51 PM
what are you talking about RIP Meridian? Meridian Room? Closing? What? No. No, right?
ed says..1:27 PM
I like Concrete Blonde. I've got shitster seeping out of my eyes and ears.
Anonymous says..1:29 PM
i never watch the videos on monday morning, because i assume they are always unironically lame and gay.
Anonymous says..1:32 PM
Kate Bush is so hot
jethro tilton says..3:54 PM
best show at ACL wasn't at the festival but an afterparty...

Anonymous says..4:17 PM
Anonymous says..4:18 PM
thi si not noteworthy WED: Nervous Curtains/Schwa/Jordan Fraker (Cavern)
Anonymous says..4:26 PM
Nervous Curtains are great.
Anonymous says..4:30 PM
shmancy, by the looks of your post you probably are a scenster.
and a douche bag.
Chuck says..4:40 PM
Kate Bush rules.
j hurst says..4:49 PM
the entertainment is going to be solid gold @ J&Js on friday.
brd says..4:57 PM
step 1. steal underwear
step 2.
step 3. scenster
schmancy says..5:13 PM
the beauty of atp was that it was totally NOT scenester. there were no brats or kids there. NO FUCKING AMERICAN APPAREL rampant amongst us, and guess what? everybody carrying a camera was actually a photographer and not a blogster.

don't hate. I rub your nose in my shit so as to encourage you to start savin' your pennies for next years atp. I died and went to heaven up there.
Anonymous says..6:34 PM
WTF? What does you being scenester scum have to do with ATP? And last I checked, anyone is permitted to take photographs and wear American Apparel...I don't know what's worse, trend-chasing hipster kids or self-conscious weasels like you wasting your time trying to convince everyone that you're not one...which you are. And no one cares.
Anonymous says..7:25 PM
not very much
Anonymous says..8:22 PM
"AMERICAN APPY" according to hipsterrunoff.com
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H. says..5:58 AM
MERIDIAN ROOM HAS CLOSED!!!!! But....but....I love their pancakes....AND EVERYTHING ELSE!
Anonymous says..8:16 AM
schmancy is not a scenster. She IS a very nice girl and a REAL music fan.

Scenesters = annoying haters that spend all of their time waiting to say mean shit to people on blogs.

poor bastards.
Anonymous says..11:33 AM
Blixaboy(live set)
Rival Gang
and more tba.....

@ Rubber Gloves
Friday october 3rd
no cover
Anonymous says..4:12 PM
schmancy has ginormous juggs. tits. noobs. breasts. boobs. soda can crushers.
aaron gonzalez says..4:24 PM
Melissa's Deluxe present:

Friday, October 3rd
@ The Cavern
21+ $5
Anonymous says..8:13 PM
an anonymous poster plugging wanz?? m'k ben dover...
Anonymous says..7:40 AM
an anonymous asshole dissing wanz on a blog???? m'k douche bag...
Anonymous says..5:53 PM
juan stover
Anonymous says..5:54 PM
juan stover
Anonymous says..7:04 PM
well, imitation is the..................................
not so deluxe says..2:42 PM
like saying "Guaranteed Fresh"
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