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it list : tuesday
anonymous says..4:28 PM
fuck ishi and helloooooo.com and all those trust fund hipster pussies.... oh ps they are all 5 yrs late in style and music. get a fucking life you young republican fucks.
captain jorts says..4:32 PM
will be at the Yeah Def set tonight! wear your jorts and pose for pics with me!
yeahdef says..4:36 PM
thanks captain jorts!Native Instruments makes the most advanced DJ software on the market right now and im a little more than pumped that they've announced full NS7 interoperability with the next release! YESSSS!
anonymous says..4:39 PM
those who can't do dj
anonymous says..4:45 PM
anonymous says..4:47 PM
i'd much rather hear someone with good taste play some good tunes than have your weak-ass clip the last part of a song you were playing, turn it into a "wicked" beat/transition into the next song you're about to ruin.FUCK FUCK FUCK>
anonymous says..4:47 PM
drex says..5:25 PM
that dreamboat of a keyboard player in ishi is as good a dj as anyone youve ever hyped on this site...get with it man
laura says..5:27 PM
there are still some djs in dfw who use turntables
anonymous says..5:56 PM
ishi hasn't reached DJ set status.... they're completely awful.
hey laura says..5:58 PM
what it smell like?
anonymous says..6:12 PM
Ishi republicans. Hahahahava. Fucking idiot
i am really lame says..6:19 PM
i write shit cause i am a christfag.
anonymous says..7:06 PM
Ishi are some much better than neon Indian
anonymous says..7:20 PM
ishi and their friends are a bunch of no talent pussies making music for rich kids with no taste. fact.
anonymous says..7:34 PM
ishi is some boring ass shit. set it off. what's the fucking deal? all this othe shit is BLAND. no culture. just white suburban trust fund monoculture kids making music. hardly a recipe for something interesting. darktown strutters is where its at. ishi is where its not... but there are certain people in the folk who want to make you believe that they are relevant.... poor poor folks.
anonymous says..7:37 PM
ishi is for trust funders who were jorts and swear by the trends. its not for trend setters or counter-culturalists. so wrapped up in themselves and how they look they forget how to make damn good music.
hey, guys says..9:30 PM
djs use turntables. no turntables = not a real dj
anonymous says..9:36 PM
one of ishi's top friends is rhett...gross.
anonymous says..9:38 PM
ishi is mediocre at best. I would put them on par with Neon Indian, but Neon Indian is more interesting to listen to. Overall I'm more impressed with Neon Indian than Ishi. Ishi is like 2015 elevator music.
anonymous says..9:39 PM
ishi sucks. over-hyped.
anonymous says..10:34 PM
ishi really isn't even that hyped. this comment section is the most important thing thats probably ever happened to that band. they just have a bunch of rich friends who want to make them popular.
anonymous says..12:27 AM
ghosthustler > ishi + neon indian
anonymous says..1:45 AM
haven't heard heard ishi but darktown rules!
jimi hendrix says..4:00 AM
man fuck this blog . what a ishi?
anonymous says..7:52 AM
Darktown strutters are terrible.
anonymous says..7:59 AM
I'm pretty sure the same person who is talking shit about ishi. Has commented 15 times in this section. What a fucking idiot. Fuck the haters. Ishi are amazing!
(not really) disqo disqo says..8:38 AM
it's easy to have dj status, remember when we first started DJing, i mean track selecting- i mean, whatever it is we think we do. we still suck!
anonymous says..9:04 AM
Greg Ginn was really cool. Cool to see him jam with the Zanzibar crew.
anonymous says..9:17 AM
You guys forgot about the Dallas Observer Party at Trees.
anonymous says..9:53 AM
That greg ginn show was a big douchepile of wankery. Must really hurt that Rollins transitioned better into his 50's.
anonymous says..10:19 AM
greg ginn can do whatever he pleases, even wankery.
drex says..10:45 AM
ginn does what he wants...i expect the pay per view death match between rollins and danzig any time now...whats that you say about "transitioning better"?
to 7:59 says..10:56 AM
why do you think that? cause you can't imagine more than two people on this site hating the fuck out of ishi? Get real man. You're blind allegiance to ishi is embarrassing. Years I've been hearing how amazing ishi is on this blog but as it turns out the music is just a pile of shit. Someone has bad bad taste. Why does everyone want to sound the same? Fuck this pitchfork inner breeding incest circle.
anonymous says..10:58 AM
ghosthustler was the last great thing to happen in electro music around dfw. Everything else is BORING.
anonymous says..11:41 AM
stay home loser
anonymous says..12:08 PM
greg ginn's set was ridicul good. The guy had the balls to pick up 40% of his band right before they took stage after having just met. The set was actually dark, edgy and even a smidgen punk (shhhh!) .... not much resemblance to the phishy jamz on their myspace.
anonymous says..1:05 PM
someone should tell ishi, dustin hollywood and hellooo.com that you can't buy taste.
I wish helloooooo.com says..1:15 PM
were http://www.hellooo.com
anonymous says..3:54 PM
11:41 is butt hurt
anonymous says..7:21 PM
creed was the shit
anonymous says..10:39 PM
hmmmm according to 9:30pm Richie Hawtin, Kevin Saunderson, Lusine, Shackleton, Milanese, Daft Punk, Modeselektor and a whole host of other DJ's are not really DJ's. These cats use ableton on Laptops for most of there sets nowadays. If you do not know who these people are.....you are not a real DJ.TRUTH!!!
@ 10:39 says..3:33 PM
those people aren't real DJs either. especially fucking Daft Punk. kill self hard
ace says..12:45 PM
hey 10:58... look up what electro is genius. the most misused term in modern electronic music. maybe electronica is the word you are looking for. i thought ghosthustler was rad, but they do not sound like afrika bambaataa
ace says..12:48 PM
oh yeah, and accept the fact that drunk hipsters don't give a fuck if you are a DJ or a MP3J. sure, dj'n is like skateboarding and mp3j'n is like rollerblading but whats the point? to make kids get down? still works, downloaded or not.
haters says..3:43 PM
Trust fund babies...maybe...5 yrs late...nooo... and republican deff not. Get your shit together you anonymous bitch
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