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it list : monday
fuck your mark says..1:54 PM
jesse and the ripperz says..2:30 PM
i want to fuck you in the ass bro d0000d
Stefan says.... says..2:56 PM
To all hardcore punk and metal fans! I will be selling some t-shirts, cd's, and vinyl in order to raise funds for my upcoming tour to Spain and Portugal. I'm broke as a joke and need your help. If you wanna get in on some cheap booze, brutal music, and reasonably priced second hand shit o' mine, come out to Mayhem Monday at the Fallout Lounge.
anonymous says..3:37 PM
grrrrrr. why do you guys hafta talk about metal all the time now?!? so not awesome
anonymous says..3:39 PM
metal > folk americana ANY FUCKIN DAY PUSSY.
anonymous says..3:41 PM
yessssss! brutal. lets use a new adjective, plz
Stefan says..3:50 PM
3:37, 3:41 Please Come out to the fallout tonight ya lil' shitz! And I'll drill my big fuckin' heavy metal dildo through y'all from your puckered assholes all the way to your ear canals.
anonymous says..3:51 PM
there are a lot of types of music out there, did you know that?
anonymous says..4:03 PM
dear "brutal" guy. You are a fucking wimp.
jc says..4:05 PM
generationals show is NOT at haileys tonight. HOWEVER it is DEFINITELY somewhere on some night
anonymous says..4:23 PM
dear "'Brutal'" guy: you just called an anonymous poster a "wimp"! could anything BE more pussy than that? oh, the fact that you did it anonymously. at least my complaints about the word "brutal" being used for hardcore/loud/metal acts can 1/2 way be justified... you calling me a wimp, well... that's just rude, i'm heartbroken. i'm going to listen to my casiotone for the painfully alone casette now. i hope we get in a car wreck right now. i really do. i hope we get in a wreck and we fucking die (well that won't happen, because i'm an excelent driver).. you are a great driver, i fucking hate it.
anonymous says..4:29 PM
Dear wimp, you are a great driver but a terrible speller. Your complaints about said adjective are one of the more inane complaints typed out in this section in recent memory. If I remember correctly you're one of those dallas mod-rock apologists, the kind that have ensured the city will toil in miserable futility for decades to come. Congrats.
Stefan says..4:35 PM
Me cago en sus muertos y las panochas de sus madres! Chupa pinga y jodete mierda cabrones!
Jazz Fan says..4:39 PM
I guess you guys don't know that Stefan not only does this type of dj'ing, he also plays an amazing kind of jazz...he will be heading to Portugal in a few weeks to play with the American/Portuguese jazz group of the year Humanization Quartet.So brutal is just one of his attributes!Jazz Fan
Stefan says..4:44 PM
"I see dead hipsters."
mike says..5:28 PM
@3:37 - man, you typed in the wrong site again. I think you were shooting for www.hipsterjorts.fuck/doofus/taste/monochromatic.html
anonymous says..6:37 PM
I guess I'm "out of the loop" or "not in the know", but I must ask - what is a hipster?
anonymous says..6:55 PM
umm, all those smartass douches with tight pants and v-neck shirts that are more concerned with appearing to be cool than with being a genuine honest human being
anonymous says..6:55 PM
and their hair too
anonymous says..7:06 PM
being out of the loop is totally hip, now.
anonymous says..8:16 PM
i hope its not you folk americana pussies that are talking shit about brutal music.
anonymous says..8:19 PM
metal and americana both suck.
anonymous says..8:24 PM
everything sucks, but metal is always > folk americana
anonymous says..9:50 PM
I think in this town folk americana and metal have more in common than they realize... at least neither involve laptops and american apparel.
anonymous says..12:34 AM
perhaps you are right. something to think about.
umm, all those smartass douches with tight pants and v-neck shirts that are more concerned with appearing to be cool than with being a genuine honest human being says..3:08 AM
the people who run the local music scene
anonymous says..3:10 AM
except the people who run this scene are all mid-30 year olds. out with the old, in with the talented.
anonymous says..7:45 AM
Can't we all just get along? I feel like I'm listening to fucking talk radio. You can like more than one type of music. Really. It's okay. Your friends will still like you, and they'll even still take pictures of you at the next Weshotjr event, you see on the side over there.-->
anonymous says..10:30 AM
metal up your jort hole
anonymous says..1:11 PM
FOUR DAYS TO BURN didnt play last night. Maybe they thought it would take them Four Days to Get there.
anonymous says..2:05 PM
I wear tight pants and vnecks for reasons other than being cool. I don't consider myself a hipster. I wear a douche's uniform you could say.
anonymous says..2:37 PM
what a legacy.. oh, and stefan: we ain't coming, buddy...
Stefan says..4:04 PM
Good....Stay the fuck away! You're nothing!
Stefan says..4:06 PM
its funny because I'm sure you're someone I actually know which is what I assume about all of the shit talkers on this board. Fucking cowards man up and be an asshole to my face next time you see me. My feelings will not be hurt....
anonymous says..5:22 PM
nah, never seen ya. thought i'd made that abundantly clear, foo...
anonymous says..5:23 PM
ur nothing? hmmm... how quaint??
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