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it list : tuesday
cliffnotes says..2:47 PM
we need to setup a video conference..
yeahdef says..2:54 PM
I'm sick tonight - bangs is holding down haileys - other than that I suggest you make your ownmusic or go to disqo disco
mike says..2:56 PM
goth doily. hahahahahahahahahaha.
anonymous says..3:19 PM
TOD were awesome until they forgot that they started out as a punk act. i saw them play as a 3 piece last year and it was just like old times. now their stuff is about as enjoyable as a mars volta show.
anonymous says..3:23 PM
Lamb of God is opening for Metallica.
twin cheeks says..3:30 PM
sucks that the stones always have some shitty opening band. fuck, i've seen lifehouse live...
defensive listening says..3:33 PM
Okay, well I guess Lamb Of God opening only makes the point that they shouldn't have an opening band. They certainly don't need one.
anonymous says..3:50 PM
maybe do proper research before formulating a whole article on 'no openers', when a band has an opener. ha!
anonymous says..4:09 PM
who the fuck wants to research a metallica concert? die.
anonymous says..4:09 PM
uh this ain't exactly the wall street journal. welcome to weshotjr. you must be new.
anonymous says..4:16 PM
anonymous says..4:18 PM
congrats on the gayest clothing ever!
anonymous says..4:23 PM
bob dylan invented rap music
anonymous says..4:27 PM
i kind of liked blind melon.
anonymous says..4:28 PM
well thank fuck it isn't the wall street journal. if it was, then we'd have to read op-eds about dirty, dirty liberals and their hijinks in between show news posts.
anonymous says..4:29 PM
eric clapton invented the blues
t-bone says..4:39 PM
i actually saw blind melon open for neil young. does that mean metallica are a more established act than neil young?
anonymous says..4:59 PM
watching a good band smash their instuments is so much cooler
anonymous says..5:19 PM
yes, t-bone. that's exactly what it means. actually 1966 called, and apparently, your dinner's getting cold..
anonymous says..5:21 PM
isn't that wavves show coming up? i'll be there in my jorts.
anonymous says..5:29 PM
b-b-b-bennie & the jets!
camo hat says..6:24 PM
goth doily of high quality 5 stars for excellent quality paper
anonymous says..8:02 PM
lol man its too easy to knock TOD but you know what i still kind of like what you wrote. it has provincial spunk.
anonymous says..10:25 PM
saw TOD at SXSW and it was nothing special.
anonymous says..10:33 PM
WSJR: ready for prime time?
anonymous says..12:32 AM
why did you see them in the first place?
anonymous says..1:09 AM
why not mention something positive of secret machines considering nothing else here is worth mentioning
anonymous says..8:34 AM
for example sometimes secret machines churn out some cool sounds but they are always ruined by the vocals
anonymous says..9:00 AM
defensive listening
anonymous says..9:38 AM
secret machines have definitely lost a step.
anonymous says..10:06 AM
I'm from the school of "the first 3 metallica records are awesome, and the rest fucking blow." The thing I hate the most about metallica, is not the shitty music they made after cliff burton died, or even how they played a big part of inventing "groove metal," later named "nu metal," -their production is their greatest crime to music. They have the hall marks of bad metal production... barely audible bass guitar (even with the guy they "liked"), bass drums that sound like someone snapping their fingers, briefcase hitting a trash-can snare sounds, shitty direct-in-sounding guitar tones because they have the gain on their Metal Zone cranked too much. The only thing they did right on the production of those albums is to not turn Hetfield's voice up too loud. Also, Hammet's solos are stupid and almost never feel like they are in key.
richardson heights says..10:07 AM
AYWKUBTTOTD used to act like asshole rock star posers at house parties before they were big, Austin circa 1997. God I still hate those guys and their lame band name.
anonymous says..10:29 AM
10:06- I love the sound on ...And Justice For All because of all those reasons you mentioned, except for Hammett's solos. That crappy production added to the starkness of the rhythm, which is the only redeeming aspect of that band.
anonymous says..11:56 AM
is it?
anonymous says..12:48 PM
yeah but they used to be good.
anonymous says..1:51 PM
blind melon>Metallica. you just don't own soup.
anonymous says..2:19 PM
eating a steamy pile of shit>metallicametallica> wsjr=eating a steamy pile of shit>wsjr
anonymous says..3:03 PM
so wait, we're worse than us eating a pile of shit? if we suck that bad, wouldn't us eating a pile of shit be better than YOU eating a pile of shit?
reginald haythornthwaite says..3:16 PM
trail of dead rant is the kind of shit that keeps me reading this thing. good job, sirs.
chriso))) says..5:10 PM
Lars' snare drumb is a skillet not a trash can god duh.
anonymous says..9:09 PM
anonymous says..2:21 AM
are all people with the name lars assholes?
anonymous says..11:36 AM
Haha! I thought you were referencing "Stand By Me" cause that dude from Trail of Dead looks like a bloated Corey Feldman.
anonymous says..3:18 PM
zANsQxIJtZVrcRYI says..4:47 AM
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