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last minute reminder: dallas record swap sunday
anonymous says..10:56 AM
seems like the photo section is f'd up.
chriso))) says..1:29 PM
I couldn't see the photo section at my parents' house on any of their computers. I can see the photo section everywhere else I've tried. I thought it was maybe a Verizon thing but thats what we got over here.
captain jorts says..3:10 PM
good to see you all at the Mt. Righteous show last night! I especially liked the ironic pastel polos.
anonymous says..1:46 AM
matt and his arrogant self is BORING
anonymous says..6:45 AM
are you kidding...Monday Morning rock isn't up yet? You guys must be hurtin'
anonymous says..11:11 AM
fuckkin goddamn it. i missed another record swap.
anonymous says..12:32 PM
Barftown Slutters
anonymous says..2:42 PM
floppers w/crayons...
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