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monday morning rock
Theee Crap Club says..10:08 AM
Also on Wednesday, Nobunny w/ Hunx and His Punx, Video and War Party at Mable Peabody's Beauty Parlor and Chainsaw Repair $5 10PM
anonymous says..10:19 AM
Also on Saturday:The Improv Lottery@ The Phoenix ProjectAn Inner Realms Outer Realms benefit show.
anonymous says..10:42 AM
Maleveller is playing on Saturday too I think?
anonymous says..10:42 AM
Crocodiles are on Friday at granada
anonymous says..10:53 AM
crap club is better than than those bands who are not as good as color club who were better than tv ghost in austin, major whatevs
anonymous says..12:10 PM
anonymous says..12:58 PM
Maleveller is playing Saturday too w/ Birds of Avalon at the Lounge on Elm Street. If you like drinking alchohol, you might want to wait until then to see them.
anonymous says..2:01 PM
nobunny and h&hp, social junk, harlem. good shows this week.
anonymous says..2:07 PM
anonymous says..2:11 PM
yeah what is this no booze shit at project phoenix house???CROCODILES... and The HORRORRRRRS
anonymous says..2:18 PM
shit this week is all hype think i might actually go to grandview
anonymous says..2:22 PM
Joey Lawrence Has A Coke Problem is also on the bill for House of Tinnitus on Wednesday. Capture and release of harsh noise and meditative drones from Jason of Wasted Words Arts Collective and No Music Plays In Hospitals and Ryan of Ashes, Judascow and Dead Medium Tapes. Great local noise artists that rarely preform together with this project.
anonymous says..2:51 PM
don't sweat the no-booze thing at phx prjct. just drink it in your car or put it in a to-go cup or something and nobody will bother you. just don't be an dumbass and get the cops on their case.
anonymous says..3:20 PM
I don't understand why people are such goddamn whiny motherfuckin' babies about the no booze thing at the Phoenix Project! Jesus christ its not like every other venue in town doesn't sell booze to begin with. Phoenix Project ain't a damn club its a safe space for all of the community, and doesnt even have the monetary or legal back up to ever even consider being able to legitimately sell alcohol or even allow it on the premises. Just drink in your car or bring a styrafoam/paper cup. Would you actually pass up a good and cheap(w/ book donation)show for the mere fact that you might have to drink before the show or in your car? Are we actually music fans or typical boring Dallas drunks?
anonymous says..3:27 PM
im sorry was somebody acting like a whiny motherfuckin baby about the booze thing? if you inferred such in regards to post post 2:11 care to explain how you did just that based on that post? questioning the booze thing... sure.... but "whiney motherfuckin baby"... a little harsh perhaps? i could be wrong but you know. seems like you a little mad. cheer up.
to 327 says..3:33 PM
but now YOU seem to be whinin? right? come on. yeh serial though, who gives a shit about no booze. come on drunk fuck dick likc
to 3:33 says..3:39 PM
man, your inferring skillz suck ass dude.
Weed is the answer. Maleveller is pretty good if you're high as nuts. Actually, they're pretty good anyway.
to 3:20 says..3:43 PM
can I infer a 3 sided cock up your tight ass after we booze it up?
anonymous says..3:48 PM
anonymous says..4:00 PM
how is it that a band from another continent has played dallas perhaps more times in the past few years than a lot of bands from the region? (monotonix)
anonymous says..4:00 PM
Weed is ALWAYS the answer.
anonymous says..4:39 PM
The Horrors = Great fucking band.
anonymous says..5:52 PM
so does phonemic house project allow weed? like 420 friendly?
anonymous says..6:06 PM
What the fuck is a 'safe space'?That sounds wicked fucking gay
anonymous says..6:07 PM
Even more gay than 'diy space'
omg says..7:50 PM
crocodiles suck a fucking dik
anonymous says..9:39 PM
blah blah ____
anonymous says..10:39 PM
safe place is a venue that doesn't kick out homeless people. Pheonix project sounding more and more annoying. 1919 reeks of self righteousness and no a/c. sorry, when its summer in texas, either a/c or a cold fucking beer! don't give me shit about it.
anonymous says..11:20 PM
derka derka
anonymous says..6:23 AM
horrors are not a great fucking band at all.
anonymous says..6:24 AM
best band from Brighton = The 80s matchbox.
anonymous says..7:48 AM
crocodiles are awful live
anonymous says..8:19 AM
you know, you should come see Darktown Strutters, eyes,wings and many other things, True Widow, and Blue Jungle (l.a.) at the amsterdam bar on oct 3rdeyeswings.com
best band from brighton says..9:50 AM
superbligged84 says..9:51 AM
to 750 and 748, i whole-heartedly agree. listen to a jesus and mary chain record instead
anonymous says..12:10 PM
yo 10:39! If you're implying that Phoenix Project reeks of self righteousness thats flat out fuckin' retarded! Have you even been there?? Its available to those who want to facilitate it whether it be for a show or movie night or activist meet up or cooking classes...Sure politics may be on the agenda somewhat but they're not trying to push shit down your throat just making it known that there is an alternative in Dallas culture. Most of the kids doing volunteer work are there for the music and interaction. Summer is over dipshit!! the Phoenix Project was nice and cool at last nights show due to the storm! Drink in your car or beforehand and have a good fucking time at the show.
anonymous says..12:44 PM
texasisshit.blogspot.com > WSJR
anonymous says..12:58 PM
man u can't leave a comment on that blog. fuck that blog.
millinar! expungr says..1:09 PM
yeah, you can post comment under anonymous. i just did; go check.
anonymous says..3:01 PM
space dragon killah says..3:05 PM
better than going by the book
anonymous says..3:34 PM
what's "the book"? Looks like the same book only with horrible writing
10:39 says..1:31 AM
alright, alright. I'll check it out. Its just a drive and I don't want it to be all stupid and pretentious and self righteous. I'll check it out. they got cool shows. that's all that should matter. summer is over indeed.
m.e. says..8:13 AM
"the book" is every bit of literature or any thought process that has been written or acted out that follows the fuckkking status quo. ;;i'm pretty sure that is a lot of people's problem with this site... .. yeah, wsjr> pitchfork >rolling stone magazine, but how much is that really saying? i promote this site because i still have hope that wsjr is trying to be something more than a status thing.
anonymous says..10:19 AM
A status thing. Pretty funny. Seems like a lot of work for status. Try again?
aaron gonzalez says..5:27 PM
improv lottery at phoenix project saturday.-----> four impromtu groupings featuring local creative musicians----->Sarah Alexander, Gerard Bendiks, Nick Cabrera, Michael Chamy, Mark Church, Kim Corbet, Chris Curiel, Aaron Gonzalez, Stefan Gonzalez, Nevada Hill, Jim Lenhart, Stephen Lucas, Mike Maxwell, Kenny Withrow, and Brandon Young. It's a benefit for Inner Realms outer realms so i can bring more improvising musicians to town early next year.....
A status thing. Pretty funny. Seems like a lot of work for status. Try again? says..3:42 AM
what are you talking about ? the majority of people in this world work all their lives to be equated to the great status quo or better.
anonymous says..10:31 AM
yeah, but status is not exactly glamorous around here if you haven't noticed
anonymous says..5:35 PM
it never is
mofreak! says..10:16 PM
Irrelevant at this point but I went to the Phoenix Project show, I drank Cutty Sark in the car, the rainstorm was a nice touch and I had a pretty good time. Place seems alright to me.
anonymous says..8:00 AM
People be sounding like alcoholic babies.
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